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Теперь рассмотрим получения root_shell на постоянной основе. Для этого нам нужно: - root-права в прошивке (желательно по средствам SuperSU) - adbd Insecure от разработчика SuperSU - инструмент для

Kotlin/IntelliJ Modules with Shared Content Root - Stack Overflow


Two modules in a project cannot share the same content root. Another team member had said that these modules were faulty, and that they couldn't be used, but I'm not using them and still prevent me from running my code. I tried to unmark this module as a sources root, but did not fix the problem.

Error when adding multiple modules that share some source code #2078


When trying to add a module that shares some source code with other module, it shows an error message Content root "/opt/libs/shared-lib/src" is defined for modules "module1" and "module2".Two modules in a project cannot share the same c...

Two modules in a project cannot share the same content root


Last note least: It was not me in the first case. The b**dy Android plugin is adding those faulty content roots.

How To: Upload a Shell to a Web Server and Get Root (RFI): Part 1


At this point, we could use Hydra to crack the root password on SSH, but that is not the point of this tutorial.

PHP: Interactive shell - Manual


Interactive Shell and Interactive Mode are not the same thing, despite the similar names and functionality. If you type 'php -a' and get a response

Root & Install CM7 on Mytouch 3G Slide 2… | HTC Espresso... | Forum


Rooting & Flashing To Stock 2.1 1. Download the files below 2. Copy "ESPRIMG.zip" to the root of your sd card on your phone 3. Extract

Zombi Bot V8 ||900+ Exploit,2100+ Shells, Hack Smtp, Cpanel &Root...


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PHP Shells and Root-kits - secless - Medium


PHP shells are actually used by hackers to gain root access to a web server by finding a vulnerability. Types of Security Flaws: One of the vulnerabilities found in web-servers is an upload directory that allows you to upload a photo/file as an admin, this can be exploited to upload a shell and trace where...

Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet | pentestmonkey | PHP


Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet. If you’re lucky enough to find a command execution vulnerability during a penetration test, pretty soon afterwards you’ll probably want an interactive shell.

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